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Judaica Match Two Memory Game (BT-012)

Judaica Match Two Memory Game

Game Highlights:
An unusual, beautifully designed Memory Game. Includes 36 pairs of cards depicting items of Judaica

Game Content:
36 pairs of identical cards, depicting illustrations of various objects pertaining to Judaism, such as a skullcap, candlesticks, mezuzah, etc.

Game Rules:
The cards are shuffled. They are then placed in rows and columns with the letters facing down. Each participant, in turn, turns over two cards. If they are identical, the player collects them. If they do not match, the player turns them back over and the next player gets a turn. Participants must try to remember the location of the cards that they turned over and that other players turned over, in order to locate the greatest number of matched pairs.
The game winner is the player who accumulated the greatest number of pairs.
It is recommended that younger players begin to play with a smaller number of pairs.

Miscellaneous :
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